Every designer needs to have a passion project. This is mine. Standing behind a non-profit that works to back the people who need it most, when they need it most with a vision for defending our constitutional rights, no matter what side of the issue. I have been proudly volunteering for the last four years for the local ACLU of Iowa. 
Challenged with a cost-friendly way to get information to people who have been stopped by the police or immigration, I proposed we develop a home screen image that quickly runs through the rights everyone has if in a position with authorities. Because what does everyone have on them all the time these days? A cell phone. Plans were to push this out to other states in addition to Iowa. 
A social media infographic.showing how many undocumented immigrants are in Iowa. 
A social media infographic.pushing people to become aware of how many people will lose their right to vote with Iowa's 2018 voting rights bill. 
A social media infographic turning the undocumented immigrants in Iowa story to focus on the amount of kids with undocumented parents. 
A social media infographic showcasing a specific story of a college student in Iowa who lost her right to vote. 
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