A collection of logo's and other illustrations developed for a range of companies and for fun! 
Allure Painting is a interior painting company from Des Moines that was just opening its doors. Needing a logo for shirts, hats and business cards to hand out and further expand their new business. 
Flight Time Images is a new company in Des Moines Iowa who is looking to promote its new drone company. The concept was created by using the acronym FTI as buildings in a simplified cityscape with the horizon curve below, showing the company the product (the video) as the forefront of the logo and the technology (the drone) as a secondary graphic.
Olson Tire and Auto Service Inc. simply had a typeset logo previous to this logo. The challenge here was encompassing their full name, two sub logos that are needed for additional advertising dollars, and a tagline within one space.
Blackwolf Equity Group is a new business looking for a variety of logo layouts to use for web, business cards, letterheads etc.
Crossroads Cold Storage is a large scale (and oldest in Iowa) cold storage company that stores Iowa meat and produce before sending it elsewhere in the state, throughout the US and overseas.
Monumental Records is an independent record label, which focuses on vocals, mixing, mastering, producing and playing accompanying instruments to artists on it's label.
Lakeshore Berries & Gardens is a small scale farm in Mississippi who was looking for a logo to help with packaging, banners for farmers market and online.
DSC stands for the Department of Scientific Computing at Florida State University. The program was seeing a decline in students and was looking to gain some to retain funding. Helping to brand them as a reputable department, involved in technology is the reason for the seal combined with the tech-looking "DSC" in the center.
A fake Phish poster made in all my excitement to see them in Chicago at what used to be called the Rosemont (now called the All State Arena) near O'hare airport.
A mom and baby sloth sleeping on a branch. Illustrated using circular design, and ultimately used as the graphic for a Gift Certificate for a new mother for a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. 
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