DMUC stands for Des Moines University Clinic, a university for nurses and doctors
as well as a clinic for the residents of Des Moines and beyond. 
DMUC was having the problem of people only thinking of them as a place to attend school and not a clinic for people in need of healthcare. To solve this images of people meeting with doctors, taking classes and receiving healthcare were used in place of their previous doctor only photos. Their strong colors of purple and teal were used with an obvious headline of "Your Hometown Healthcare" touching on their long-established life in the community and pulling people away from thinking of them as only a University. 
An Eblast was created to send to current patients of DMUC to further their knowledge of what else DMUC does within the community in addition to providing education for future medical workers, and current Des Moines patients. To entice new patients, a facebook ad was created with a visually appealing photo to help people envision themselves using DMUC as their healthcare option. 
Email Blast
Facebook Advertising
Mathers Economics came to us looking for email and direct marketing templates to help their Winery Clients visualize the products that Mathers could offer. A total of 68 deliverables were developed covering a range of styles to better speak to the client and help them see their success with partnering with Mathers Economics. 
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