Murney Associates Realtors is the premier real estate company for southern Missouri. While Murney was currently happy with their advertising, we wanted to propose an updated look to them to win back their business which left with a former employee of ours. By elevating them out of traditional stock images of people with moving boxes we wanted to emphasize their branding to gain recognition from new residents of their market as the trusted and valued company that they are. 
Concept One - First Time Homebuyers Demographic
Concept One - Growing Families Demographic
Concept One - Downsizers Demographic
Concept One - First Time Homebuyers Demographic [Full Page Print]
Concept Two - First Time Homebuyers
Concept Two - Growing Families
Concept Two - Downsizers
Concept Two - First Time Home Buyers | Growing Families | Downsizers
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Concept Three - All Demographics [Alt Idea]
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