Splenda came to us looking for two campaigns speaking to two different audiences (generally health conscious people, and those with diabetes) that will run in spring promoting their alternate products besides their well-known sugar packets. The goal of this campaign was to drive people to fill out a form with an incentive to win if they submit their information. Throughout these pieces rotating giveaways were presented that relate to the ad and corresponding audience.
The first campaign here focuses on the generally health conscious people. Here we talk to 3 different sub audiences - bakers, swimsuit season worriers, and those who are into the shake or juicing lifestyle. 

The second campaign here focuses on those who live with diabetes and need to make better choices but not feel as though they are giving up their life. Here we present this in 4 different ways to accomplish this - attending social events with diabetic friendly options, alternate choices for sugar-filled drinks on a hot day, diabetic shakes as meal alternates, and starting with your first routine of the day.
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